2018 MacBook Air Review - What You've Been Waiting For

This is the brand new MacBook Air this is the Mac for probably most people despite what some of the specs say so I thought we'd take a little bit closer look and I'll talk about what it's like to use over the past week that I've been using it so the MacBook Air comes in at 1199 and goes all the way up to $25.99 with 1.5 terabytes of storage so this is the model I think most people will get and this one comes in at $13.99 and what that gives you is a 1.6 gigahertz core i5 y series but boost it up to 7 watts to give it a little bit more power it also turbo boosts up to 3.6 gigahertz now it comes in with 8 gigabytes of RAM upgradeable to 16 gigabytes and this has 256 gigabytes of storage it also has Intel u HD graphics 617 now this is the configuration I think most people will get with the 256 gigs of storage at about $1400 some places are already offering $100 off of this price and I think 128 is not enough but for people looking for an error I think that's what most people will want now it comes in at 2.7 5 pounds or 1.25 kilograms and it's very familiar as far as a MacBook Air is concerned it tapers down from one end to the other and then we have our headphone jack on the right then on the back we don't have anything else on the side we've got 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and this is different than the MacBook the mantle only has USB C but the MacBook Air has Thunderbolt 3 so we have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports that means you could use an eGPU and then very thin right here now on the bottom we don't have anything else nothing really spectacular and no backlit logo anymore so we're missing that now if we open it up you'll see we've got the modern keyboard but we do have touch ID and one thing I'm really grateful for is they've gotten rid of the touch

I know a lot of people like it I just want the function keys back so this part is something that I really appreciate and these new keys do have very little travel but they work really well and they are a little bit clack e so you'll hear they sound a little bit clack e it might sound like you're angry typing but for the most part they work well most people I've talked to say they actually like it after they've used it because the keys are larger and you can hit them more easily that's my experience as well now as far as the trackpad is concerned it's a little bit smaller than the MacBook Pros but it's definitely bigger than the last generation and it works really well just like any mac trackpad it's forced touch as well so you can push and then push again and overall it's it's a great little package with touch ID on it now you might notice here we have speakers instead of being under the keyboard we have real speakers this time and they actually sound pretty good so if we go to one of my videos here so take a listen I'll move the microphone so maybe you can hear it a little bit better so the speakers are nice and loud I think you'll be really happy with them if you're coming from a previous MacBook Air and let's talk about this display now the display looks really good the one complaint that most people have is while it is a Retina display it's 13.3 inches from corner to corner it's a Retina display at 2560 by 1600 and 227 pixels per inch and I think the display looks great it doesn't go as bright is the MacBook Pro so it goes up to 300 nits I did a little research and the current MacBook Air is about the same brightness so right around that 300 nits mark you're gonna get the same brightness out of things like Adel XPS or some of the HP equivalents as well so the MacBook goes a little bit brighter around 500 nits so it's it's good for most people unless you're in very bright sunlight now we do have a 720p FaceTime camera so you can use that for FaceTime and then of course you want to know about battery and the battery on this is pretty good

I think most people running your average tasks maybe in Safari or something that's Apple related Safari mail calendar those sorts of applications you're probably going to get 8 to 10 hours but if you're using Chrome and you're doing video playback and things like that it's closer to 8 7 to 8 so depending on what you're doing and then of course if you're doing things like video editing or photo editing that's going to use up a lot more power so if we take a look at the video editing capability Final Cut Pro actually works on this in fact it worked on the previous MacBook people thought it wouldn't work but it actually does so what I've got here is my samsung t5 Drive this is what I use with my main editing Mac and this has all of my Final Cut Pro files on it so if I plug it into the side here because these are 40 gigabytes per second ports this will work just fine so we'll connect this wait for it to show up and then I'll open a library in Final Cut Pro so what we have here is my timeline of the iPhone X one year later review if I hit the space bar you'll see playback is nice and smooth up here in this window is what we're looking for and it's actually nice and smooth if I scrub through it you'll see it works fine these are not rendered files either this is before rendering you can tell that by these little dots right here so it's prior to rendering everything's nice and fast you'll see I can zip right through this no problem and then exporting it isn't going to be as fast as something such as a MacBook Pro or one of the new Mac minis or an iMac Pro now I ran a render test using an external Samsung t5 Drive

I used it on both devices and then deleted the render files for each test now the older device which is a 2017 MacBook Pro it was the top of the line at the time did it in 13 minutes and 58 seconds then testing it on the 2018 MacBook Air that exported in 50 minutes and 56 seconds so it will do the job but it's significantly slower so if you have a time-sensitive project or you do that sort of work a lot you may want to consider getting the pro instead so I ran a Geekbench on this MacBook Air and also a MacBook Pro from 2016 so we could compare so I took a screenshot of it and it was 2,900 for the single core score and 6849 for the multi-core score so that's okay but if we compare it to a 2016 dual-core MacBook Pro we've got four thousand two hundred and sixty-four for single core and eight thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine for multi-core so there are better options out there if you need more power if you're using things like pages of course if you're using pages maybe Safari go to Apple maybe you're on Apple or you want to open a tab and go to my website here you'll see everything super fast it loads quickly just like you'd expect you can switch the pages or word or whatever you prefer to use have the App Store open have your mail open have your calendar open photos everything and it's not going to slow down because it just seems to work well and that's really what people looking for a macbook air after they want it to be a simple computer to use that just works so that's it for the MacBook Air let me know what you think about it in the comments below is it something that you think most people will pick up or do you think they'll opt for the MacBook Pro I personally think that Apple is revamping their line they made a little bit of a mistake with their Pro machines and they're bringing back what everybody wanted a little bit more configurable MacBook Air Mac Mini and some new MacBook Pros and a Mac Pro eventually but let me know what you think in the comments below if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching I'll see you next time

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