AFE Control Series Suspension Kit Review

Hey everyone! Greg from and welcome back to the shop. And in today's video I've got a fantastic well engineered suspension kit to get your Ford Mustang right it's hackle some high speed corners. This time it's from the team over at AFE and this is their Control Series Stage 1 Suspension package. Now like always in this video I'm going to cover every single detail of the suspension kit from AFE. From its construction, what comes in the kit and how it can drastically improve the handling of your Mustang. Alright guys so like I said this is AFE Stage 1 Control Series suspension package for all 15 to 17 Ford Mustangs.

This kit is perfect for the Mustang owner out there that wants to upgrade the overall stance of their car and also improve the handling. Now the specific kit that I have with me today will fit all 15 to 17 Mustang GTS equipped with a Coyote V8 engine. However AFE also offers this stage one control series suspension package for all 15 to 17 Mustangs running either the EcoBoost 4 cylinder or the v6 just to make sure they don't leave anybody out. Now as you can see from the workbench in front of me this kit is very extensive which impressed me for just being a basic stage one setup. It includes both front and rear coil springs, thicker front and rear adjustable sway bars and even all the new sway bar bushings. Now let's focus on these coil springs first. Like most suspension kits the key to really increasing handling performance is to stiffen up the suspension, lower the center of gravity of the car and also decrease any body roll. AFE specifically designed at these coil springs to lower your Mustang 1 inch in both the front and the rear. Now while this is really not a drastic decrease in ride height I personally think it's perfect for the Mustang owner out there who daily drives their car and also likes to hit the local auto cross on the weekends.

This way your car is not so low that you're having issues getting over the average speed bump but you still get a really nice firm ride, lower ground clearance to really help take some time off your auto cross laps. Now the springs take care of the ride height and the overall stance but these sway bars are what's going to reduce any body roll that your Mustang currently has. AFE manufactures them by CNC bending light weight to their alloy and uses a 35 millimeter diameter tubing for the front bar and 32 millimeter tubing for the rear which is considerably larger than stock. But not only are these sway bars thicker they are also fully adjustable, so you can really dial in your suspension for your specific driving style. AFE also includes a new set of rear sway bar brackets and new front and rear polyurethane bushings so they flex even less under really hard cornering. To conclude this review guys if the next box to check on your Mustang build is a suspension upgrade but you're not quite ready to take the leap to a full coilover setup - head over to right now and check out this great Stage 1 suspension kit from AFE and all the other great performance proven products that they have to offer

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