Apple needs in new iPhone SE 2

why Apple needs a new iPhone se it certainly seems that Apple would benefit from a cheaper handset with Apple warning that it expected to have sold fewer iPhones than it anticipated during its quarter that included Christmas 2018 pointing the finger at China as being the biggest reason for the fallout with the SE to be just what Apple needs to claw its way back Apple's Tim Cook suggested that China was key to apples reduction in estimates for Apple's first fiscal quarter of the 2019 financial year could blame the trade wars with China and the Trump administration but it's more than that Cook referred to the current economic downturn in China where there is a huge pretty much untapped market of consumers that Apple wants to target it seems like the iPhones on offer are meeting the demand for an affordable handset in a continent where there are so many cheaper handsets on offer from the far east own mobile phone manufacturers there are a few reasons for this lack of appeal but from the perspective this article about hopes for an iPhone se - what is lacking from Apple's iPhone lineup is a new but also low-priced handset that will appeal to fashion conscious consumers who want a low-cost phone but don't want to have to settle for one that is more than two years old it's certainly possible that Apple sees the iPhone 10 RS fulfilling this criteria with a more affordable price of pound 749 / 749 US dollars it's cheaper than the iPhone 10s but it's still almost double what the se cost at launch interestingly during the first few months of 2019 Apple has been selling off some stock of the iPhone se and surprised sales stock tends to clear quickly suggesting that there is both demand for an iPhone that size for inches and that people are desperate for a low-cost iPhone with the SE selling for pound $2.99 / dollar $2.99 on these sales days having established the level of demand could Apple now determine that it is time to launch a new iPhone se and that's not all and what could be seen as an attempt to disguise the price of the XR Apple is actually advertising the handset as if it costs pound $4.99 / dollar for 99 but that is only as a trade and if you have a reasonably new handset to swap it's telling the apples strategy for selling an already lower priced handset is to try and make it look even cheaper the other problem is that the iPhone 10 R has a 6.1 inches LCD screen which might actually appeal to some consumers but for others is not the smaller iPhone fans were hoping for .

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