Apple Springs booster club buys school supplies for every student

Neal Barton: 3 WE APOLOGIZE FOR TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. HERE NOW IS OUR STORY FROM APPLE SPRINGS. 3 TAKE: PKGOUTCUE: STDTO: 1:22 DURATION:1:22 WITH SUMMER HERE, SCHOOL IS PROBABLY THE LAST THING ON ANYONE'S MINDS... BUT NOT THE APPLE SPRINGS I-S-D BOOSTER CLUB.THEY MADE THE DECISION TO TAKE CARE OF EVERY STUDENT'S SCHOOL SUPPLY NEEDS.Lolette Griggs"the teachers gave school supplies lists and how many students they have in each class and we just decided we were going to try and just help the parents out."A FEASIBLE TASK FOR A DISTRICT OF AROUND ONLY 200 STUDENTS.Lolette Griggs"being a small school has advantages and this would be one of the advantages is that we can do something; to us is a large project but compared to other schools isn't that big of a project."EVERY PARENT KNOWS THE COST OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES CAN ADD UP.

SO A SIMPLE GESTURE LIKE THIS IS HELPING TO EASE A LOT OF WALLETS HERE IN TRINITY COUNTY. Kevin Plotts "i've got two kids of my own and it's about $200 a pop by the time you get all the school supplies you need to get for school."Michael Prothro "for me it's a good deal. I have a single daughter that has two young sons in Apple Springs High school. It's tough for her to buy her school supplies."Matt Thibodeaux:ACHIEVING THIS GOAL NOT ONLY SPEAKS FOR THE BOOSTER CLUBBUT IT ALSO SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THE KIND OF COMMUNITY PEOPLE HAVE HERE IN APPLE SPRINGS.Michael Prothro "it's a small town, people pick up the slack for other people in our community." Lolette Griggs"our community is very supporting, responsive, it's not just Apple Springs it's the surrounding communities that help as well."IT'S JUST WHAT SMALL TOWNS DO.KETK NEWS 3 Kaci Koviak:COMING UP...READY OR NOT...FOOTBALL SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Neal Barton--TAKE VOWHAT'S KICKING .

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