Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany Platt uncovers Gary Windass' dark secret [Royal TV]

 Coronation Street residents are still adapting to the aftermath of the Underworld Factory roof collapse   And whilst Gary Windass (played by Mikey North) thinks he’s convinced the police about his supposed lack of involvement in the incident, more trouble is heading his way   It comes as official spoilers for the soap has revealed how Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) is going to find out about a secret   In recent scenes, viewers have tuned in to see Gary struggle with his financial situation, turning to Rick Neelan (Gary Wood) for a loan   But after months of being unable to pay the high interest rates, Rick came looking for the labourer and demanded he work for him or pay the loan  Unable to do the latter, Gary has found himself coercing vulnerable and elderly people into signing up to the scheme   His decision has meant he has to wear a suit instead of his usual work attire.  However, returning home earlier than usual, Bethany runs into her mum’s boyfriend and spots his choice of clothing   Initially questioning him, Gary attempts to fob her off with a lie, but Bethany is suspicions, and she shares her concerns with Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien)   Confused about what Gary is doing, Sarah decides to follow him and finds the builder getting into a car with another woman  But this should be the least of her worries because Gary fails to deliver.  Scenes will show Gary target a woman called Vicky, but he quickly retreats when he finds out about the violence she has endured because of her debts   However, when Rick finds out, he is furious and decides to take control of Gary’s assets as well as seizing his van   With no chance of working as a builder right now, Gary is forced to explain to Sarah exactly what has happened   Will this impact their relationship? Actress Tina who plays Sarah recently spoke about her character and Gary’s future and whether or not they can get past his lies   Elsewhere in Coronation Street, there is the potential that Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) will expose the soap villain   For the last few weeks the lawyer has been on a mission to find out who indirectly killed his sister Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia)   And he is set to confront the health and safety inspector Wayne Hayes (Adam Barlow)   Having arrived in Weatherfield to assess the damage, Wayne has already stirred up suspicions with other residents and the viewers   But what will Imran find out?  Coronation Street returns tonight at 7.30pm on ITV   .

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