first mission of the day, sending this stair gap whipped against the tree (again) did one and a half crankflip dude something broke? hey guys whats up and welcome to a new video almost same setup as in the video from osternohe i have my rose bikes pikes peak enduro with me and the soul fire DH max is sending it on this one, he is behind the cam right now but today I want to ride on this one aswell, so you have to ride the pikes peak for once 'oh nooo' and Christoph is with us. bitch dab they have completely re shaped the jumpline in Schöneck first day its open today so lets check it out, lets do some tricks, whips and having a good time for sure what else? sending it like DHL? never ever have I taken a look behind the counter when buying a ticket here here is the train station and first mission of the day, sending this stair gap on the DH rig smoooth, who remembers the 'smooth' guy from the schweinfurt video he's so stupid haha Lukas sending it again normal riding just isn't enough for him lets ride the jump line now not even gave a box lets deliver the post still wet so much fun but wind came in quite good got blown to the side on the first jump my chain was down, your chain went off? oh he is slow, slow slow slow dude, faster haha they cut down so many trees over here so bright now going to try to be like lewis Hamilton again, taking over so soft down there first lap was quite fun. all the take offs and landings are well shaped but everything is still pretty spot as it rained the whole last night you can definitely feel it and it was quite a struggle to get through all of the jumps still but its a sick view tho think I am changing to the DH bike now and I think we might stop somewhere to send it or? 'yes aha' over there was always a little drop, now its gone on the DH rig he missed out on this jump also so much fun whipped against the tree another one now I have overtook both of you we are riding steezy not fast 'who's riding fast, doesn't jump high' Max Hiemann 2019 his chain went of aswell max one on the lap before and his one now haha was enjoying it so much on this bike aswell, the enduro is lighter tho not again haha so dope haha sorry boys on the lap before I jumped next to max, now I thought I will just take over but there was some space, you have been surprised? he said he was shook haha lets ride this part aswell lets clear it dude, that's new. a drop the dh bike is so much fun aswell just did one and a half crank flips Christoph whats up? did something break? the chain guard crashed was going from the jump line onto the end of the DH track now and this part is leading into the wall ride so pumped to ride this thing right now. max is filming from the side line, lets go in full throttle the dude just told me that there is a new drop in the downhill line you can't see it from the lift tho. we wanted to ride it anyways so lets send it lets whip against the tree again half crank flip again... didnt rode this part in ages lets do a crank flip of this drop think I flipped a jump over here in every video from here so lets keep it up and flip this jump in the back what are you going to do? bar spin on hit thing! if I am allowed to! sure you are max is coming in, bar on the endo first go lets clean it up tho max wants to clean it up, this one was a bit back wheel heavy i am going to do the flip first tho on the enduro rig the jump in the last bike park we went was steeper for sure but should work more manly than Arnold Schwarzenegger shipment delivered! on time. are you delivering your shipment aswell? you have to deliver it into the post box, you just throw it against the box. it id fall out again was so fun to send the wall ride so lets do it again we have a child with us, playing games have to do it again haha was cleaning the bike and totally forgot to film an outro was so much fun riding there again with the boys! what I forgot to tell you aswell, I am riding shows in Leipzig at the paunsdorf center, so come by and say hi and watch the shows all times and info can be found in the link below 5 shows per day so come by I know there are quite some subscribers from this area! would be sick to see a lot of guys from the MTNGang and you can still win a meet and greet via the link below thanks for watching guys you guys are the best, peace! .

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