English conversation with Google Assistant (Key tip to practicing your English)

Hello dizzy Manuel welcome back to another video are you one of those who are as frag willing to practice the English language and it happens that there is no one you can practice with so I'm going to share with you an important tip that you can actually put Into practice if you want, so I'm going to play with Google assistant. There is a a question game so Google assistant is going to ask me some questions I'm going to reply to those questions and this is going to be a game in which you can actually talk to Google assistant So without further ado, let me get started Hi, I want to restart the game Are you sure? Yes Yes you and myself Let's Get ready french fries on your lab coat. It's a science question True or false on the planet Mercury it rains diamonds That's poles Nice you make it look easy Question 2 is coming up. It's pretty innovative The first Apple computer to use icons and graphics was called what? Benny Newton or Lisa Newton Oh You almost had it It was Lisa. Okay, guys, I came out in 1983 a year before the first map was released. Okay Thanks for dating question. Three is coming up.

The subject is history True or false when written changed to the Gregorian calendar September 3rd instantly became September 14th That's true You are here to win great job Question number four get comfy. It's a TV question. What actor plays John Snow in Game of Thrones? Rose Leslie Kit Harington or Maisie Williams Maisie Williams The answer I wanted was kit harington what prepare yourself for your last question. I've got a sound question for you An animal is coming.

Which one is it a Chimpanzee a beetle or a Manchurian crane chimpanzee that Was an easy one you got it, right? With that final question the game is over. I will now calculate your results Not bad french fry not bad at all. You got three, right? That's somewhere between zero and a perfect score So way to go that's somewhere between zero and a perfect score.

It's so good way to go. I do want to play again. Yes Great are the same contestants playing? Yes Okay, let's play I've got a sound question for you which vehicle do you think this is a Car a tricycle or a UFO a tricycle You've been studying great job question two coming up if you know the sound just say what kind of vehicle is this a Firetruck a tricycle or a dream firetruck Yes, great job Question number three is next. It's a language question. What word fits this definition a rule that says how people should behave Anecdote precept or attitude Addington You almost had it you should have said precept Question four is here. You've been to answer this True or false Delaware is the second smallest u.s. State That's true It must be right The only smaller state is, Rhode Island Last question coming up here are some interesting words Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written by which author Lewis Carroll Suzanne Collins or Roald Dahl Lewis Carroll Way to step out of your comfort zone, but that was wrong believe it or not. It's Roald Dahl Okay All right guys now that the game is over. I hope that you have liked this method perhaps some of you Can practice the English language everyday or on a daily basis or a periodic basis? but perhaps there are some of you who are unable to practice the English language like periodically or very often actually somebody reached out to me in a more in the state that they didn't know how to Keep going how to grow how to learn more or how to improve their english fluency. So this is a simple method but I I attest this method works because you can Speak with Google assistant you can practice your English You can read you can talk. You can improve your listening skills. And actually there is a ton of vocabulary the Google assistant uses when it is asking you questions, so I Understand the disease of machine like a machine person, but you can still talk to Google assistant they have This tool for you to do researches online, but you can also play it with Google assistants So this is an amazing way for you to practice Your English so there is no excuse guys. If you want to reach a native like level you can do it There is a long way to go as I said to somebody on the on the comments. I think it was yesterday or Today before yesterday. I don't recall well, but I gave them a tip which was that there is always a long way to go if you are the smartest in the room then find another room but I Know that it's hard. I've been Learning English for about 15 years now, and I'm still learning of course I know a lot of things already and I can speak very well But I'm still learning so you keep learning as well done Back down and don't look back. So keep going and so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us and We'd be more than glad to help you out with Whichever question you may have so thanks for watching this video and you have a great day .

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