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At Kushalnagara's Next to Nisargadhama is this Hanging bridge There is another Hanging Bridge at Nisargadhama This an other hanging bridge this road connects to Dubare Elephant from there this is visible This too doesnt have a name So let us do the Naming of this bridge so that people find it easy to locate this bridge and come visit it So by giving the name of the village we can, mention as Hanging Bridge here it is mentioned only as Hanging bridge so searching it becomes difficult so i have mention the name of this village then mentioned the hanging Bridge So that it will be easy to find so this hanging bridge is being named after this village This village name is Basavanahalli So i am naming it as Basavanahalli Hanging Bridge Basavahalli Hanging Bridge, come let us see As per the villagers one can comfortably ride a two wheeler on this only problem is two, two wheeler s can not go simultaneously so after checking that no other two wheeler is coming towards the bridge from opposite side so only after checking and confirming can you take your two wheeler on the bridge. come let us try and see that too come let us try and see that too after crossing i felt let me see which village does this connect to after going a little ahead i got to know there is no sufficient space to turn my Elephant (Bike) Hence i went a little more further Now after crossing the bridge, i came by this road and reached here now this road connects to a village by name Giragur It connects to place called Giragur Giragur is where our golden temple is Namdroling Monastery or also known as Golden Temple at Bylakuppe where it connects you can see here ok, so we have come this far, now let us make a video of our return journey too. .

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