How to fix display brightness problems on windows 10 ||Screen Brightness issues

what's up guys ,welcome to another episode of techno Nepal . I'm your regular host ranjit and I'm back with a new video so if you are new to the channel make sure you subscribe it. Hit the notification button, so that you will never miss any updates on my youtube channel. Also the link of my social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be in the description of this video check it out and stay connected. so let's get started with today's episode and in this episode I will be showing you how to work out on display settings if you have the display settings problem. So in my case I'll just show you the problem what I have, I am just facing so if I click on the battery icon I can I cannot just enable the brightness and as you can see both these options are disabled on my PC . So, this is because I have the old version of drivers installed on my PC.

So, to solve this problem all you need to do is : go to the Start menu and search for the device manager. Simply go to device manager and after going through the device manager you will find the display adapters. Simply click on drop down menu and go to the display adapters that is currently installed on your PC so click on double click on the display adapters that you have installed on your PC and go to driver.

Now the second option : It says update drivers to update the driver software for this device so simply click on it and you can see these, these are the two options which you can select as per your wish or as per you needs. So first one it is it is used to download the updated display adapters online and second one is to install the updated drivers offline. So, these are the online and offline method to install the drivers. So I in my case I don't have the downloaded updated software or updated drivers on my PC so i'll just simply go to the first option.

this will search the online drivers. So it will take some times After getting these drivers downloaded it will automatically install the driver so it will take some time wait for it So, now let's go ahead and click on the battery icon as you can see, you can now enable of the brightness options.

So, that's it guys. Thanks for watching the video. I hope you liked the video, if you genuinely liked this video give it a thumbs up, share this video to your friends relatives and whoever else. So, that's it and I'll see you the next episode till then take care and good bye. .

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