How to Make Videos Like a PRO With Your Phone!

the number one most frequently asked question is Ally, how do you shoot your videos using just your phone I love shooting vertical videos using just my phone because honestly it looks really good come here to my DSLR hopefully this summer and you will push yourself out of your comfort zone and capture more content using just your phone so comment down below and let me know what apps you're currently loving for editing videos I'd love to check them out because you know I love to create my own content I'm all about the different apps don't forget to subscribe to my channel to join this month's giveaway I want to give away some of my favorite phone attachment accessories like this photo lens kit and also a ring light I'll also add in my favorite tripod as well so all you have to do is subscribe to my channel don't forget to click on that notification bell and comment down below and let me know where you're from and why you enjoy photography the first thing I wanted to talk about is my gear what type of phone I use all the different little attachments and accessories all my accessories cost less than $50 and I feel it definitely upgrades my phone quality and the way I shoot my photos so I highly recommend all of these things and I will have them all linked down below so be sure to open it up and click it if you want to shop this video when it comes to traveling I love to bring with me really light gear so sometimes I even like to shoot just videos using my phone so I have this clip-on lens attachment this was only 15 dollars from Amazon and this is my DSLR camera that sometimes I like to shoot with but it's so heavy that I don't like to bring it with me everywhere so usually just bring this so this is a wide-angle lens that I purchased off of Amazon and gives a slight fisheye effect but you get this full frame look Brent comes to shooting photos and videos I'm obsessive alley doing hard work get in the sector careful Instagram boyfriend doing his thing sit together guys Friday so today I'm I'm finally trying they're famous in watch um strawberry drink can't believe it took me this long but because I was not expecting a bowl it's like um gummy bear tears tubes I love it if you've been following me on Instagram I shoot with it everywhere I had to downgrade from the moment lens because I don't have the phone case but it's coming today so hopefully I get to show it to you guys in this video so here is the new moment phone case and what's a bummer about this lens is that you need to buy the phone case in order to use it which is why this is more of a budget option you literally just clip it onto the phone so let's try and attach this and see how it goes so let me take it off so as you can see it's so much closer I love how wide this lenses my second tip is to invest in great lighting so I know this might be a small little investment but you know we're all here on a budget so all you have to do is just clip it right over the top you can also adjust the level of brightness so you can click it once two three four times to change the brightness and this will definitely enhance your selfies or if you're taking nighttime photography it will brighten up the setting so now I wanted to show you guys how I do my IP video is because a lot of you are asking me how I shoot them so I honestly just use my phone and I have it on this rig here so a lot of people sometimes forget that the front-facing camera is not as high-quality as the back facing camera and this phone shoots 4k videos on the back so usually I'll just turn on my phone and then instead of having it face me I'll turn it around just like this and that I will adjust accordingly sometimes I'll even grab like a little portable mirror like this and I'll just pop it right and fries just to make sure I can still see what I'm doing so here I have it strategically placed so I can still see myself so this is how I film myself but it comes to my GTV videos and as you can see I can still see myself and the phone here's the perspective of me filming my videos I'll usually just press record and then I will pick up my shoes and make sure to show it to the camera and then all right back here do a little spin because you want to show off your outfit and then send us all forward just to get more detail and then walk back Bella is always sitting here in the background watching me because she just loves to be here and yeah that is pretty much it and then I'll pause the video and then over here is where I have all of my clothes I'll pre plant all of my outfits before I shoot so it's easy to just change right away and like run back in front of the camera over here and then shoot again so here is my IG TV channel on Instagram so here I actually just create really short form versions of videos that I would create here but there are some exclusive videos I haven't posted here on my channel yet over here if you're interested in watching it I show like fashion packs for maxi skirts I talk about my favorite ways to style a crop top slip dress t-shirt hacks all of that good stuff so if you want to see these videos don't forget to follow me on Instagram a username is fashion by Allie and then when it comes to filming beauty videos on my phone sometimes I like to use my super wide angle lens like this and I'll just clip it on here you really do have to adjust to make sure it's in the right spot as you can see it looks so much wider you can see the full background and you live in a small space and you want to be able to film a lot that is a quick face solution I usually have everything all set up in front of me like all of my makeup here and then I will usually just pick it up apply show the camera what I'm doing today I'm using the Too Faced pretty rich palette make sure I show the camera bring it back and then pick up the brush apply a little bit on the brow bone I'll like do a nice facial mess what are the biggest challenges when starting my own YouTube channel is just finding the right gear because gear is really expensive and nowadays everyone has a pretty decent quality camera on their phone so why not use this tool to create videos as well so if you're interested in learning how to take your own pictures be sure to check out that video I'll have a link down below or over here on the I button I go through step by step like what gear I use what tools some techniques and stuff like that don't forget to join this month's giveaway by commenting down below so you might be wondering how do I actually edit my videos well you can go check out a couple tutorials I found on my IG TV I'll have them linked down below I guess that's all I have to share with you in this video I will see you guys next week bye .

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