HP Omen X 2S 15: Liquid metal and two screens

gamer's I have HP's brand-new omen x2 s15 I know you're a jaded gamer you've seen every single 15-inch gaming laptop there is but I can guarantee there will be at least one thing on the new omen X that will surprise you okay so you want to know about the hardware inside nothing spared here inside core I nine nine eight eight zero H that is of course Intel's brand-new eight core coffee Lake CPU in a laptop I'm impressed I didn't think they were going to get them into 15-inch laptops and GeForce r-tx 2080 max Q of course cuz it's thin and light but core I nine twenty-eight e scue and a 15 inch laptop and that's super thin super thin right because I think it's about 22 millimeters thick HP says more thickets and you because you know all gamers they want to know like well how do you get all the hardware in here is it good or is it going to throw a little is you gonna throttle well first you can see look at the bottom it's got very aggressive intakes half this bottom is vented you've got four heat pipes I believe one of them shared to fans three-phase 12 watts apiece they're moving a lot of air there's also exhaust ports on the back and unfortunately for us right ease exhaust port here but you don't want this thing to throttle you don't want to give up that performance so HP made the right decision sucking and all that cool air blowing all that out but is that all they did is that all you did because look we're talking Core i-98 core and a twenty eighty max q what did HP do to make sure that this laptop is not gonna throttle hard what they said is like you know a lot of people will go out and they'll buy gaming laptop and everybody says well we'll just go ahead and take it apart and redo the cooling HP says you know what you buy The Omen X we're gonna do it from the factory for you so rather than the toothpaste that you usually get from other vendors and most cheaper laptops HP says on this they're using grizzly conductin not that's liquid metal thermal material on the CPU itself Wow it's on the CPU not the GPU and HP says main reason is you really need to cooling on that CPU because you've got eight cores pushing out a ton of heat from a really dense very small die and by doing the liquid metal they're achieving a really great performance benefit I think they're saying 28% in Apex legends maybe nine percent in blender CPU loads so just moving from the cheaper low-grade thermal paste to the liquid metal they're seeing a huge performance increase alone let's go to the ports two USB twos Gigabit Ethernet heads headphone port 230 watt charger port for the brick another Taipei and a thunderbolt okay so we got the outsides let's go inside this is the exciting part as you can see the keyboard is move forward yeah can we get first kind of like a zephyr so we get the right-hand mounted trackpad that we've seen in a couple of the designs pretty neat stuff you know I kind of like the form and things there is it's gonna come with a wrist rest you go on well why did they do this why do they move afford some of the designs they do that because they wanted to put the hard work behind it in fact it's amazing they have a core i9 in here with the 20 80 max Q but check this out the 2's gives it away and that is BAM what is there is a six inch LCD 60 Hertz panel that's basically a second monitor in Grant integrated into the keyboard deck of the laptop is it touchscreen it is actually touchscreen I will show you i'm gonna click around here a little bit you get your performance thing oh that's gonna remind me to talk about one other feature with most gaming laptops the the CPU and GPU are controlled separately with kb like GE one of the secret sauces of kb lake g was all the thermals were controlled by one one controller HP says you know with this thing we realize that you got to control the GPU you gotta control the CPU workloads are different different workloads mean maybe more CPUs some games may want more GPU so if you set this thing to performance it actually will go hey we're gonna put more performance towards the CPU because we see the game you're playing is not really that graphically intensive or it may go we're gonna put more more cooling more power toward the GPU so that's what the performance modes are you just hit this right on the fly yeah hit on the fly so you can do the cool touchscreen stuff pretty neat thing nice uh what else can you do with this but here's a cool thing HP doesn't just go hey we put a monitor in here we plugged it in is your job to handle the rest let me show you this mode I've now moved that active window down into the second panel you can watch your favorite streamer I think there's a great video series called full nerd you can watch on the second screen while you're playing your game on the top nice but check this out this is what I really like I'm gonna try to do this feature which i think is just pretty awesome let me get this so if you want to go to your map this is what is super clever because if you play a game and they don't support multi-monitor HP has a utility that's built into screen copy basically mirror what's on your main monitor playing your game so now you have a blown-up version of the map on the screen real time is happening in real team whatever you I've told it to clip from here ends up here that's super clever I mean because a lot of these sort of dual screen applications it's cool but if the game doesn't support it and you don't want to watch YouTube or look at Facebook or monitor other things on there you want to use it for gaming this lets you use it for virtually any game that you play where you can use a magnified portion of the screen pretty damn clever I also want to mention other specs on the laptop the screen 240 Hertz 15.6 inch g-sync support there are there's a 4k HDR version and I apparently there may be an OLED version coming down the road but 240 Hertz for gaming is kind of where it's at inside we didn't talk too much about besides do you know that it's got the cool conducted not from the factory but there's two MDOT twos for storage and HP tells me I didn't open this up but they showed me a picture you pull the bottom off you can access the memory two sodiums and 2 m dot 2 slots it's not an inverted design which means you got to pull the whole motherboard if you want to change something and the other thing that's very note worry dimension on the omen x-15 2 s 15 is that despite being a really small laptop with a core I 9 with a 2080 with two screens it actually has a 77 watt hour battery I really respect that even though with g-sync the mileage is not gonna be great but you're gonna want to take this on the road with you you may want to use it and I think they say you can probably get about five hours of normal use out of it which is not bad some other laptop designs said you know what we're just gonna give up on the battery we know you're not gonna use it you get virtually no battery life this actually gives you pretty decent battery life probably so a lot of features here price core i7 16 gigs one terabyte version probably about twenty $6.99 throwing the they don't have a price for the core I nine configuration but I'm gonna guess once you throw on the kora 9 you're looking at closer to three availability end of May I believe and I you know I can't wait to see this because one I think the the the the second screen that just you don't even know it's there what's let me turn this off turns off you don't even know there's a second screen there that's just a cool feature that's an amazing that it's in something that's thin and I really want to see what the difference is between this core I 9 with that conductive not liquid metal from the factory folks from a big om that's never been done before as far as I know I really image should see how the core I nine with the liquid metal performs so I can't wait to get this in my hand check out the full review on PC WorldCom hopefully very soon it's coming out in May so we want to see it HP you .

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