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hey I'm gameplay vids 24/7 welcome to my gobble dash gameplay video so everyone gobble dash has just been released on the Android it is completely free to play essentially what you have to do is think of it as like snake okay if you hit your tail they're dead but you only have a limited amount of times that you can actually move around the board so I guess it's kind of like a puzzle game in the way of that you have to make sure you go in the right direction or you're gonna end up dying essentially okay so yeah it is a fun game I hope you guys enjoyed this video pretty much right now I'm trying to survive here without you know running into my own tail you only have really a set amount of areas that you can run into at the same time see right now my tail it might potentially get me no good I'm going around okay thank the Lord so now hot there you go everyone that did not take long at all okay but let's try again here the game is free there's no real harm in trying it out if you're bored I guess I'm dead again it's only stage 3 lul level 3 and then I've died twice okay we're not dying twice somehow let's see if I can finish this off here there we go nice alright so stage 3 completed epic like so completely died or any dude well I won level 4 let's try and go around here this should be pretty straightforward theoretically go around here beautiful done now for what I'm seeing there's like a hundred levels on this game I'm not too sure if that's accurate or not I did see that online so we'll find out either way I mean if you guys want me to play more I will play more just remember to hit that like and subscribe button of course and yeah leave me a comment below as well telling me if you would play this game or not okay I'd love to hear it alright there we go that's stage 5 completed beautiful let's try and beat this as fast as we can everyone here we go come on come on come on mind you I've never actually played this game before guys okay so what you're seeing here is firsthand footage I'm just completely fluking it right now apparently I just got a danger bonus and whatever that means I'm assuming it means I merely you know I died oh there we go to come back around beautiful look at this everyone oh no seriously okay that was not meant to happen I almost got that all then I really reckon I could have beat that whole area then dude so so close guys bloody gobble dash ladies gentlemen shall I take this now go around again yeah let's go around there we go beautiful beautiful beautiful come on chase that tail done nice stage six completed wonderful you guys stage seven there shouldn't be too much harder either but cross the bridge go back around nice nice looking pretty good so far yes so close done stage seven completed all right I mean I'd love to hear what you guys think about this game hey if you like it or not I'm curious because I know that a lot of you guys out there do like these kind of little android games where you just you know waste time essentially you have nothing else to do so you might as well jump on and try not to run into your own tail like that far out man level 8 comedy I've got done on level 8 it's come back around I'll just clear this whole top part let's go all the way around clear the outside am I gonna die here no close okay oh there is a chance of my die up here though oh yes got it stage a completed yeah boy let's go down my goal is to try and become the fattest snake on this game because right now we're looking pretty solid but I reckon we can get even bigger guys oh man that was a wrong turn okay see I wasn't concentrating and that I've dying see you get a really concentrate Road let's go all the way up come on come on come on come on just go down beautiful buta the same turn got me again no just no seriously dude come on let's go all the way up this time then to the same turn does not get me nearly fell for the same trick again there ladies and gentlemen it didn't get me this time haha game let's go down up okay how should I take this around now maybe we'll cut through here cut through there and we'll finish the game off done what stage and I completed yes see we're doing all right here guys we're doing okay now just stage ten this shouldn't be too hard either right we'll find out every time I say this should not be that hard I end up getting absolutely destroyed so yeah a little bit paranoid here let's cut all the way around here do I want to take the bridge here yes I do it I want to swing back around cut through here uh-oh I might have made a mistake here doing my tail is very very yeah I've definitely made a mistake this little tiny bit of pellets lived as well come back around collect the top first cut through here can I swing back around here yes I can beautiful my goal is to try and pick up these little pellets here everyone there we go I was swing back around down nice take the long way home she'll be able to gun it straight down now yes I can look at this then again we take the long way around the whole point is to get your tail away from the pellets you don't want to run into yourself like oh dude it's a bridge there I was about to say like I'm just about to do now No are you kidding me dude are you joking seriously I'm trying to take a long route here so my tail is a hurry ups and finish which it looks like it has good very good oh please tell me I figure to see out Shirley Shirley oh hang on this isn't good oh my god this isn't good oh man that's close Wow okay I want to take the longest way possible right now don't want to go up there no I don't we go straight down straight down yes yes yes we did it whoo I have amazing so happy stage 10 completed let's try to smash this down some more here dude looking good and I'm Danny look it's looking good and I'm getting myself killed straightaway seriously play that up here cut up here and dad again right on the tail level 11 guys getting me off guard trying cut through cut through and we finished nice we beat it alright stage 11 completed this chair down all this food here we should be able to come straight back around excellent should we do the same thing here don't wanna go back up again yes I do we go back go up take the long route home very nice look at this guy's I know it - got to confident then you're gonna meet guys gobble dash is pretty fun you just have to try and you know time your shots perfectly should have gone through the middle there that's okay we'll cut back around here oh please tell me I have enough tail oh dude look at how close that is yes yes yes we still a bit slip there we go okay all right no worries everyone that's the end of my gobble dash gameplay video if you want to see more let me know in the comments section we'll hit the like subscribe on either way but yet I won't play any more to you I know you guys want to see me play more I just thought I'll put some gobble dash on my channel like hey there you go run there's gobble dash I played it it's fun give it a try let me know what you think in the comments below actually I guys .

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