LEGO Tower: NEW LEGO MOBILE GAME! - Gameplay #1 - Android Walkthrough

well hello there everyone my name is Vince welcome to my new lego tower gameplay walkthrough series on my channel. I do hope that you enjoy this Lego Tower Android guide please remember to hit that like and subscribe button if you want to see more of our on the channel I do plan on posting this at least every day or at least every second day that's the plan as long as you guys enjoy the Lego Tower Gameplay series but either way let's kick this party off right now this game has just been released on the Android fingers crossed that it's fun everyone I mean it is a free-to-play game while looks of it but I'm sure there's gonna be some sort of in-game currency or something usually with these free games on the Android that's how it works so we'll find out together here let's do this continue alright many fingers move into residential floors okay so right now it seems that we have to build a successful tower okay looks like we have little mini fingers that will move in then we have to place him in the right fours that's what it seems like anyway buy them in business floors to earn coins see there you go I'm pretty straightforward tap on the business floor then hire a worker okay City pizza food capacity so right now we have one capacity in the city pizza I inspired by real cent okay slice requires more workers Stacey genes to be pizza okay Stacey G you're the pizza lady now you placed a CG in their dream job which triples their rent and earns at you ten bucks okay tap the city pizza and order some stock done once the order arrives stock it for city Pisa to start earning tweens okay no worries arrives in - 1 minute tap to hurry delivery hurry delivery at the cost of 0 bucks sure see everyone there's the bucks now I'm almost guaranteeing that those bucks would be the in-game currency it has to be surely sell down 17 minutes 2 times on the slice well I'm tapping that nothing's happening so I guess I don't do anything else right now we have two other spots here the fries spot and the pizza spots I guess we'll just back out now build a new level okay the game wants me a building a new level straight away no worries tap an empty floor to choose which type of floor to build ok done we want to build a creative pool sure visit the vehicles menu and I'm and unlock a vehicle to get new missions alright what do we want to unlock here guys can we just pick a police car to start off with no I cannot those are the pizza scooters the only thing right now everyone permanently unlocked the pizza scooter set at a cost of zero box alright so now we have the pizza set guys or gets a scooter anyway just go city pizza can I hire someone else right now or not there's a scooter at the bottom of the floor what can he do for four please ok we have someone in the elevator right now let's go to floor for no problems hopefully she enjoys ball four they better be the best suited spot for her because I did notice there was like a love heart system of sauce let's have a look fashion design no there is no one working here right now ok well that's not good is it we have no one working in fashion design at the moment Randall M is unemployed but he loves the talent show so I mean what do you do right now right it's a bit of an interesting situation I know that stacy g loves the city pizza so she's given me a x 3 bonus right now and it looks like you can change the Lego figures gear here guys with this we actually changed the pieces of Lego on the minifigures that's pretty cool Lego tower so far looking pretty sweet I'm gonna say anything wrong with it just yet why is this all red right now I guess that's because no one's working there so let's chuck up another person come on for two please okay only go for - no worries they go 110 coins for dropping him off the floor - Louis n has moved into your town okay what do you like to do he loves the bank I can't change his job and we can put them in a fashion design we didn't get fashion design going on right now everyone okay because it's just shot I don't like that fashion designs is shut right now now that's hurry the delivery of zero bucks there we go so now fashion design is earning us a little bit of money there thankfully okay it seems pretty easy now what about this floor for plates okay we have someone else going to floor for I'll be going slowly but surely they really got to speed up the elevator look at this guy's house slows the elevator going up no worries 220 coins there's sweets all right please tell me you love this area Stacey G no okay well probably can I get her to work for me this person just went out there I know okay they don't know just because they're in their Tower I don't think it always means are gonna work for you just from what I saw then okay new piece collected H zero zero five six zero owned okay our pizza delivery guy delivered some pizzas to the wrong floor why would you do that find one pizza there it is right there collect four bucks sweet just got four bucks for quickie on the in-game item there guys we have someone else in the elevator right now for two please okay there you go floor to Tim Jay has moved into your Tower there we go so now we can put these guys to some sort of stores here music store well I don't really have a music store right now so I'm gonna have to Chuck you on the fries my friend I do apologize new piece collected sweet we have a new piece of gear let's change Stacey cheese pieces here can i Chuck on the new piece that I just found yes I can how cool is that everyone I actually like that aspect of the game you can even rotate the minifigures very nice for an Android game I got to admit that's that's really cool okay so fries aren't ready at the moment it looks like right now Rives in one minute hurry for five bucks no thanks gang they're gonna waste money on that oh we have someone else that's coming up into the tower I can build a new floor but the only problem is it's gonna cost me five thousand Lego coins there so yeah I guess I'll call them studs if if you guys have ever played the Lego games you'd call the studs as well okay I'll just call them Lego studs simple as that there might be coins in the game but who cares so minifigures this is who I've got in my town right now on my tower I don't have anyone else that's really moved in at the moment this is me down here walking around in circle as it looks like Oh someone else is ready to go into the tower tower three there's my pizza screwed I've just seen it rock up at the bottom for that nice is he gonna work for me or not no what just happened there I just saw something just camera a little see at the bottom of the strings little pictures I've got a pizza for Louis n are you Louis in right there isn't this Louis endless Tim J where's Louis n I need to find the sky with the gray shirt and the orange bottoms okay I shouldn't be too hard to find there is collect four bucks deliver repeats are the lowest there you go Lois no problems mate let's go my pieces give that piece there that's this from my character I reckon it might be I want my carriage I have brown hair please is that possible can I change away my character looks you yes I can okay sweet black hair let's go normal head there we go beautiful done now I don't think I can work for my own tower bar looks of it move in move in a new residence for $20 no thanks I think I'll just wait for them to spawn in she can force the new residents everyone judging by that don't think I will do Oh Louis BD has moved into my tower what do you do recording studio well I'm sorry I don't have a recording studio right now so yeah there's not much we can do about that but you can't get on the pizza thank you very much if you can Louis yes you can very good Louis is on the pizza right now a fashion designer at the top here Randall n let's get Randall M doing something here if we can there we go then we have two people in the fashion design sewing arrives in one minute very very nice this is quite interesting isn't it everyone very interesting game I'm hoping to learn the ins and outs of the game as time goes on if you guys have any tips for me or anything let me know but the game is brand new so I've got no idea how the game really works at the moment so hopefully we'll find out together 4000 studs are on right now by the way guys which is quite good I just clicked in the squirt the little square box I like on there don't know why that came up I guess that means something's arrived possibly I'm not gonna hurry up the pizza be pointless or poor please okay no worries what the pizza man's arrived again let's click on him quickly in a second come on up the elevator I love how slow this elevator is seriously ok torrents my studs ok mr. Pizza Man do you have anything for me no I'm clicking on him nothing is happening right now the guest has got nothing for me guys upstairs we can't really do anything there's no upgrades upstairs I've got a pizza here for Tim ok well Tim should just be right there 4 bucks thanks Tim cool I do want to try and purchase a new floor when possible though I have a city pizza southwest apps what is south and what's southwest apps is that the residential I think it is this is the rather residents liver looks like one two three four five I think we might only have five spots in our Tower if I'm correct we'll find out in a second Martha unlock another residential area soon guys new piece collected sweet then change the heads to some of my characters now the topping fell off one of my pizzas find chickens all right where do we go find some chickens where are they chick chick chick there we are wall box thanks game ok so ok 62 studs just came out there nothing's because my paints are just arrived yes it did cool when ironing sixty studs a minute at the moment that's idle money at least let's go to floor four I don't think this guy can move in everyone from what I can see I really doubt it I don't think we have enough residential space and less I'm wrong fine down a second either way almost a 5,000 starts right now yo my pieces a lot that I have all these custom pieces so far it's pretty cool I'm really wanting to see how many are in the game let's have a look here can I change the way someone looks here and is everyone working yes they are everyone is working right now thankfully sorry Louis let's change the way you look my friend let's put you at the rough look look at that guy's sweet I'll give you a black shirt and we'll give you black pants give me a robber it looks like a robber doesn't he okay so that's done where do you want to go you want to go upstairs for two okay 110 starts almost at the five thousand studs put a new level everyone whoa getting closer and closer to that new level can't wait now just remember if you're watching this far please remember to hit that like and subscribe on because I will be posting this every day on my channel as long as you all enjoy what is this in the bottom floor is that r2d2 guys do you see this pure yellow stick I don't stick here let me go figure could've sworn I c-3po in but could be wrong I want to say then have to find someone didn't I what's this I've got a pizza for Lewis viola a Louis could we Louis actually either way there's a pizza for bucks thanks I'm just waiting for someone to step into the lift here Shirley yeah we go that's a surely some we're going there soon floor to okay hey guy new level yes a car way visit the customize menu to change your towers of Terrence and upgrade your elevator increase speed slash coin tips 100 bucks ok increase elevator speed to one point to time at one point two five times at the cost of a hundred bucks don't want to do that now or not I can't increase the look of this tower right now is something called Club exclusive this must be the in-game currency I was fearing there you go everyone there's the box system ok so I guess we both knew together that there would be some sort of system that people that they try and get real money off people and there it is so limit you to the aesthetics of the tower it looks like what's this piece collected you can send to a friend really you can send to a friend in this game that's a very interesting brick book what is brick book okay sorry I'm late I'll leave early to make up for it yeah thanks Louis interesting so this is like Facebook everyone that's pretty sweet I lost my pet find this snake there's a snake right down the middle of the map there you go I need to try and get a residential area I think here to get more people that's what I'm thinking anyway but if I think about it my businesses are all full right now pretty much aren't they I love how this lady wants to go to floor five mile away isn't that hilarious guy Lewis there's nothing on for fire yet she wants to go there that's just great now what can we do here residential it wants me to pick residential oh there you go you got your residential it's gonna take 13 minutes to build that residential sector there no problems at all games that's how it has to be then that's how it has to be is there anything else for me to look at right now oh we have a whole bunch of new options here okay more pieces mail we have mail here nimble bits I got a new helmet it's rare it looks like thanks nimble bits I guess that's the developers obviously lost and found the owners of these items cannot be found they're available for purchase two hundred and forty four bucks and a head for five dollars are you crazy right now again you want me to pay five real-life of dollars for one head and 244 bucks come on come on you gotta up that you got to do saying more than that that's just you get one head let's just think about this man some of these in games let's get at a buck shop right now fifteen thousand bucks right is eight dollars okay two hundred and forty four bucks in a head right is five dollars understand this right now is that a random head is it just gonna give me a randomly generated head or is that the exact head you get don't understand wild ever do that rebuild what's this what collect a new goldbrick used to upgrade a future for golden business floors have a hundred times capacity and instant stocking gold a residential floor maximize rent keep all collected pieces unlock roofs elevate lobbies the vehicles characters bucks and total gold brick can't remove all tower floors and coins evict all residents I can rebuild but I require fifty four ladies and gentlemen whoa there's a whole nother system to this game that I have no idea about just yet this is gonna be very interesting it looks like there's some sort of like a sending system of sorts well you sacrifice your progression to then get a little bit better as time goes on Oh alrighty there's gonna be a lot of gameplay I think for this series man we'll find out as time goes on anyway how this is all going to go down let's go continue on the chicken where that chicken where are you there you are good chicken click the full box beautiful alright no worries I can't build a new tower because I only have eight hundred and thirty eight studs but I think yeah what we'll do everyone I reckon tomorrow we'll end up coming back to this game hopefully you all enjoyed today's episode cannot wait to see your feedback please you're sure to hit that like and subscribe button as I said if you enjoyed and I will speak to you all tomorrow okay what a game Lego tower is going to be this should be fun man get ready guys it's gonna be a journey I'll catch you all later see you tomorrow see you around .

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