Princess Sofia The Mystic Isles Undercover Fairies - Ma Ma TV Season 4

Please Like, Share, Subscribe Video! Thank You Very Much! Undercover fairies. Wow Krista, you really have changed since that whole wassailia thing. Well, there's at least one who does Just hard to understand sometimes So, what did you dream young fairies must pass a test in order to give their wrongs to the pixie cover and all The beautiful magical things we do will fade away All This dreaming is exhausted Which is today, but only fairies taking the pixie cut test are allowed in the fairy forest My amulet lets me turn into a mermaid. So maybe Let's go undercover. We'll pass that test get close to the Big C cup and I already took the pixie cup test once None of that matters when you're a fairy. It's not the fairy way Maybe you failed the test once but you won't this time because your gifts you say the route graceful and proper Well, I go to princess school I think you're ready. Let's go. Oh They're the only ones allowed in the forest one of them must be the faith Exchange fairy from the other realm and you are Christa when I get that magic I'm going to spread beautiful wintery frost everywhere, you know And Now your judge for today's pixie cup tests the first off Let me say I am NOT nice, but I am fair. Oh It's just like the last time glittery greetings sugarplum fairy your that Thank you, Oh, as I said this test shall come in three stages But if you fail even one of the stages no wand for you must be able to gently tap Oh flowers with morning dew Hey, it's kind of like enchanted painting at our PA she's gone she might be up to something dad dad dad I can't break my rhythm. I see some broken stones Keep watch she sneaks off again. We'll follow her If we need a good sleeper for stage 2 the tooth hole Sorry pink forest keeper is a dirty business So for this phase of the test, you must prove that you two can carefully approach Hmm I wonder if there's a reason flurry wanted to go first no So she can sneak away again. Let's go after her then we can follow her Remember how you taught me how to feather walk over the smell, right? Make another animal then she is trying to get to the big teacup get what's coming to you Huh Thank you. You're very welcome. Now. I'm off to get the rest of it out. Yeah, it's your turn. Oh Thanks Bridget. Let me get that for you. Well, I was happy to do it Except for Krista if you wear gloves to protect against their poison things Krista wrangles them all the time I am quite pleased quite As you wish miss plum Can't help it.

Well, I think you're all really gentle and delicate and a makeover Serious, I always wanted a makeover but we need to find I mean, maybe you were right Maybe I can fit in after all now. I'm out of clues. I need your help. You're right Sofia Perfect, and now just a few more things more They're so elegant It's an important part of being a protector Wow I can take it off for just a little while This is the ferry frolic it isn't enough to make it past the obstacles You must always be delicate. I'm really fitting in but you forgot all about our mission Yeah, we still don't know who the thief is I guess so then I'll make sure to get there before them I'll volunteer to go first That's funny someone left their plate here Christa your fairy magic What it can't be all the clues pointed to her I always dreamed of being a real fairy but when I took the test, oh no Sorry Sugar Plum Fairy, there's no time to be delicate So you got up to me I guess the truth is I was never meant to be delicate. I'm just in saving the magic of the berries Does this mean what I don't understand why because there's more to being a real fairy Really? After what? I did Oh Princess, you know, I'm the Sugar Plum Fairy I know everything Wow right through those hedges, and how did you fly so fast and snap that must You Oh Let's go ask mom and dad if we can go this isn't just any circus Sophia, it's the goldenwing circus. Oh The new stained glass window looks outstanding baileywick. Can we go dad? Can we please please please? Wow, would you please arrange tickets for today's show right away your highness There are too many things that could break like the new stained glass window Gary But dad said worried it's as easy as one two I Didn't mean to break it Oh dad is not going to like this It doesn't matter whether we tell him he's going to see the window when he comes back. I Don't know I don't want to miss the juggling jesters. Come on. Amber. I'd do it for you He'd do it for you armor wasn't made of armor I know I'll keep them from coming in. Hi, Daddy. I have a surprise a new song. I wrote on the harp Well, I suppose the surprise Jimmy that was close now, let's finish moving the armor. Okay, you can't even see that It's broken. See I told you problem solved. Thanks, buddy Thank you so much and now some for my beloved parents if you'll excuse us I Have to show you if you don't have time for me I understand Settles you'll see my tiara it's in my room come on and miss the circus. There must be something else we can try Maybe we can get the Royal glass maker to make a new one.

I think that takes a long time Smells like evil.

Oh, yes. I could if I didn't have a thousand more important things to do bars I suppose I could make a little time It gets pulled right into my hands Oh That is one broken window, all right We knew you could help right now. I'll need you two to stand in front. Don't move Opal tiara no, here's my new tiara Have you seen this one? This one has pink diamonds in it? I Can use magic to fix everything, but you're not a sorcerer how hard can it be? look Dad, look at the new ballet steps. I just learned. I've been working on my yodeling I guess I have to tell them I broke the window, but then you won't get to go to the circus What happened was I broke it? It was my fault Jane this seems so unlike you and it seems a lot like you Alright everyone time to leave for the circus. Of course your majesty everyone Sophia wait, I just need to talk to her for a second. I know how much you love the circus I wanted to make sure you got to go go on you can tell me all about it when you get back Ok. Bye Sophia I haven't known you as long as I've known James But I know both of you well enough Jim that was very kind of you but a lie is a lie Maybe next time you will peppermint tea I Guess so and now for our next act I hear the jesters are your favourite James? Yeah, it was me what he took the blame so I could go to the circus maybe Yes, it's true James. You broke a castle rule, and then the three of you tried to hide it from us I'm sorry, you need to tell us otherwise the problem can get worse a lot worse Just tell the truth right from the start. I promise to do that from now on So will I what are we gonna do with the rest of the afternoon? I could play song for my beloved parents? Oh, who is it? You should come see for yourself Okay, my king my queen. Ah greetings. Were you unhappy with our show? No, no my friends and I would be happy to give you a special performance right now Sounds marvelous. Thank you What's the surprise the golden-winged circles they're here Isn't it lovely Thank you. You're very welcome. I'm glad you got to see the circus today Sophia. I wonder if I could do that Yes, don't try it inside. All right .

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