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Realme X's real-time budget smartphones me popup camera introduces a new trend That is why I have to go to the companies that follow me. Why are you looking for a phone that looks like a big show? what are you doing How are you Hello my name is Hotmail, and you are about to switch to the phone page. Realme you can order online from Flipkart or, it's August's month. The phone will be available in the retail stores too. Let's unblock my phone. The realme has a new texture of the same style as the white box. Realme X has been added to "Pop up generation", which is the phone's tagline. Or is it possible to print the image of the box next to the original box? The brand of the brand has re-branded the brand. On the back of the box you can see that the phone is 4GBR / 128GBrom, The current price is 16,999, which is 8gram / rom128gb also available. The price is 19,999. Realme X's standard variant has 2 color options that is white, and it's white. ka color space blue If you have a special limited edition version, you can use either Garlic or Onion inspired designs options These variants will launch in August 8GB / 128GB for limited time. availabe rahenge If you want to go to the bottom of the box, then the phone has some special specs.

I have 48+ 5 MP rear camera and I have a 16MP front camera. (6.5inc) That's the screen size of Hai.3765 mAh battery. Chaliye kholte hain is box ko aur dekhkate hain how do I box what The box has been sent to me for the welcome message. Yaha and I have started the Quick Start Guide and Warranty cards for the Sim ejector pin. Soth has been asked to cover the phone with a protective surface. Phone Oppo is supported by VOOC 3.0 fast charging and has a 20-bit box The VOOC flash charger is also included. We're going to have a USB type-C cable too, you can call the real-time type-C The cable has a lot to do and it has come to light that the new phones are available in the connector ke sath aae Phone 3675 mAh has a battery that has a price segment of it. I would like to use light from heavy to translate the fulll day easily. Let's talk about physical overview of the phone. Phone back is a plastic that has been designed to reflective gradient. it looks like Center is the real brand of vertical branding. If you have 3 years of using 3 pro Your design will be similar to this. The phone's right side power power switch has been made to Nano Sim slot. This is the name of the SIM card that has been sent to you, and you do not have a microSD card slot, yani Aap Can not expand storage space. The phone's left side has two seperate volume buttons. Bottom me to have a USB Type-C port, Speaker grill, microphone and s hi I love the 3.5mm jacket.

And finally you have to make a phone call that the person is no longer, no punchhole ak dum The clean design looks for the display of the display. The phone me 6.53 inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 2340 x 1080h. Iske viewing angles have a lot of lighting and outdoor lighting too hai The corning Gorilla Glass 5 has been used to protect the screen. No one knows how much the phone's screen-to-body ratio is, 91.2% impressive. This is the AMOLED screen by playing video and watching videos as well.

hai The display of popup mechanism for the display of the display of the cell phone have been The phone's front popup camera is 16MP and has an aperture f / 2.0. I have a camera phone at the top center, and I am sure I am going through it.

Camere's popup mechanism works from a motorcycle and is fully automatic. Iska popup mechanism 200,000 times opened and closed for testing 1s also have me open The popup camera has been protected from the sapphire gals and has fallen The detection technology has been used to prevent damage from the phone. If you want to get a phone call you have a camera, then you will be able to retract. hai Humne is the only feature that I have tested, and the phone has really slowed down my camera to retract I do not even have a phone call that has not been activated since I have not It's a protection from where you can get photos from the pop camera. Realme X is the fastest work to unlock the popup camera as well as the face unlock Let's identify the face of the phone when the phone is locked in. Front camera's popup mechanism allows you to slow down the phone. But it will not be a problem for you to use it. I finally think of the photo quality. Realme X's front camera has a lot of photos in the light of daylight, Camera app me beauty And even when it comes to options, The bokeh mode allows you to have a strong edge over the phone and focus on your face. I am rakhta hai Low light me also works well. You can see the front camera's samples. Phone me dual rear cameras are available, iska main camera Sony's IMX586 48MP sensor use This is what is aperture f / 1.7 and has a secondary camera 5MP which is attached to the aperture f / 2.4 Realme offers features that enhance the camera's camera photos. Find out the scenes of AI from the realm of AI. The phone has been added to the frame mode as it has been done to make your photos look good. it is You can view photos from your computer. Yes photo 48 MP mode is here. Ye photo is in 12 MP mode. This photo is for you to chromosomes.

Sath was able to include the Super Nightscape mode, which has made it to the nightscape. The latest version of technology is Issue me phone 8 alag exposures by adding photos to the final image taiyar do you Super Nightscape mode is a great technology and I am also very lively. bot achche shots de sakti hai Here you can see the sample of the photos on the night mode and off. 48 MP images are available in the normal photo mode and are available in your browser. The boost feature can be used here. If you are using a nightscape or a portrait mode, you can add 12 MP images to hi milengi 48MP is going to shoot me when I see that the file size is big enough, and Your memory can fill in memory. Realme X me UFS 2.1 Flash storage has been used so that it can be used as storage speed I have a 48 MP file and my image size is stored in the store. Realme X supports super slow motion video, 3 mode available Yes, 1080p 120fps, 720p 240fps and 720p 960fps, you can record videos from your main camera it is If you want to know more about the phone, check out fingerprint scanner. This phone has a stylish and clean look at the phone and its premium feel too deta hai Scanner does not like the accuracy and speed of the screen, but it does not make any difference to the screen You too have a job To change the phone's software, please reinstall X ColorOS 6 and go to the Oppo OS latest version ColorOS 6 android 9 are based on a variety of features and security updates. what is it If you have any preinstalled versions of the phone, try 3rd party apps for uninstall It is possible to show that the first party app is not uninstalled. it is possible You can use your phone to access the space, but you can slow it down again. Please recommend that you uninstall this application if you do not use it. Realme X supports Dolby Atmos, which is the quality of technology I'm going to have a lot of high-end phone calls with me. Lekin Realme is the speaker of a phone that is very poor. The size of the speaker is given in the form of cover and the cover is as high as it is Output is an average quality. If you are interested in Dolby Atmos technology, then you have the best experience. Headphones The phone has a Snapdragon 710 processor, The current processor will also be used for my 3 years of use, as well as the price point at Snapdragon 730 and the processor will start the process. Magar realme X me has some extra hardware features which makes me work on realme 3 times better than that, Realme X me has been used as a technology for UFS 2.1 technology. That's the kind of storage that gets the phone's name, especially when it comes to games that load faster It is a great way to transfer some files to the locality, especially the realme no special cooling. Technology has developed which phone is available through phone and phone call The processor lambe is able to get higher efficiency. Realme X is the management of unused background apps, and it's gaming The phone ki hyper boost technology technology has helped me to grow. Realme X is the benchmark score of 157683. PUBG's Graphic settings can be set to HD and the current setting par frame rate sirf high it is okay There are also many aliens who have anti-aliasing and shadows on the road. The gameplay was also played by the gameplay and the realm of the AMOLED screen PUBG The game has a lot of experience and experience. It does not matter if there is any problem in the frame or frame.

Realme X is a beautifully designed phone, a phone popup camera This has been done to integrate and we do not want to show a premium feel detached The phone is also powerful, it is VOOC charging and display finger print The inclusion of people in the world Magar performance by you phone is Realme 3 Pro and it is very easy to use If you do not use any notice, ColorOS 6 has the ability to refine and retrieve the microSD card slot. The logo can only be dropped from the logo. Realme X under 20,000 of the price segment is definetly bohot hi strong contender What is the standard setting? The price for this phone is actually showing that the premium feeling vale the phone is banned To reduce your revenue from the year of 20000 what's wrong Please feel free to share your comments with questions and questions. If you want to have a video you will have to do it like this and send it to your friend. share zaroor kare If you click on the end card then you can see the water test for the real value of 3. Latest phones have been unboxing, and have been reviewed for the purpose of subscribing to their books. Add icon to your profile Aaj ke lie bass itna hi dosto, see you next video thanks for watching .

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