Subwoofer Deathmatch: DD Audio 815 vs 715d | Kumpi Voittaa? #subwoofer #deathmatch #ddaudio ENG Subs

Today we have a bit different video We will see which one blows first So deathmatch it is There's something wrong with both subwoofers So this is just for fun Only one coil is working in this 815 So this goes to 1ohm And this 715d makes extra noise from coil Something to do with glue I guess Or something Both needs recone We will see which one survives Both goes to 1ohm So Soundigital SD35k is at 0.5ohm Subwoofers in paraller Let's begin Amplifier is this Tiny one Soundigital SD35000.1D Power Let's see which one survives or will neither Let's do SPL score test first Okay So let's start with SPL test With this special setup We have DD Audio Redline 815 Old serie with only one coil working And new serie DD Audio Redline 715d Which have extra noise issue Okay, let's begin With 58Hz For peak SPL score Next is the deathmatch With deathmatch song This is DJDB Here if you can see it Lil Jon - Push That 58Hz We play that Until another subwoofer blows Let's go We will see what happens I will adjust the volume up Little by little Okay I sent it Let's check what happened Here is smoke everywhere Which one is blown? I'm not sure I'm not sure which one Let's try them 815 is blown Okay, I checked them 815 is blown I sent it first So Let's send the another one as well 715d is already connected Let's turn it up Okay, I sent it Okay I sent them both Coil looks bad It had problems already Let's check this also Sounds like coil is gone as well So here was todays video New DD Audio Redline 715d is the winner It's hot This is still warm But this is hot Nice .

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