TheWave | iPhone XS Max 512GB金色 | 開箱 測試

Hello and welcome to TheWave, I am Chromechan today bring us - iPhone XS Max unboxing and benchmark testing. This is a 512 GB gold variant iPhone and packaging has a similar feel to last year's iPhone X alright, let's get started and unbox this 10k smartphone After unboxing we are able to see instruction manual, environmental reports ,.etc and then this reveals the iPhone XS Max! Let's set this away for now and see if there's any difference in terms of accessories Looks like we still have the 5V1A adapter Lightning earphones, and we are taking these away.. reveals USB A to Lightning USB cable Since this year Apple will stop supplying the Lighting to 3.5mm dongle but you are able to get it from Apple store with a price tag of 69 dollars but to a phone that is valued above 10k HKD, they are not really that generous....... Ok, we have already setup the iPhone XS Max Okay, let's test out the speed We are going to run a network speed test first, and compare it against a relatively fastest Android smartphone - Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium We first launch the app We are able to see that the XZ2 Premium have a download speed of 476 mpbs, with 621 mbps being the upload speed And for iPhone XS Max, it is rated at 477 mbps download and 599 mbps upload The results are relatively close Next up - Geekbench Obviously the A12 Bionic on the iPhone XS Max is faster than Snapdragon 845 on the XZ2 Premium Single core at about two-fold increase XZ2 Premium at 2361, XS Max 4833 Multi-Core is 38% higher XZ2 Premium at 8416, XS Max at 11611 In terms of the GPU it is 60% higher XZ2 Premium at 13563, XS Max at 21799 Terrific scores I am thinking, next year's Snapdragon 855 (Though there's a chance of a rename) But is it able to close in the score gap.... Alright, that's it for today's video If you like this video, leave a comment on whether this iPhone worths this pricing Share, like and subscribe my channel See you next time, byebye .

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