There's Too Much Hype Over the Note 9

Hey, how's it going. So I'm not a huge fan of the note series I've often found a little bit overpriced and the features that are built into the Note line is not stuff that I personally use I just prefer personally, the regular Galaxy S line over the note line, but D-brand hit me up there. Like "hey, we got this new phone in the note 9. We've skinned it. It looks pretty cool And the marble that you liked you want to check it out". I was like sure But I'd seen the leeks right? I knew that it wasn't gonna be a particularly exciting phone at least I thought it wouldn't be and we look at the specs It's more of an iterative bump from the previous generation than some like massive innovative piece of technology That's normally how the Note line is.

But this year just felt a little bit more boring than normal I mean, it's a cool phone looking at the paper specs But nothing really jumped out to me, as being something like really really interesting about it at least for me personally But ever having spent the day with it It's a pretty cool phone. So the biggest change for me is actually the battery size This might not affect everybody but that's a huge bump up That's like 20% bigger than the note 8 and the other thing is like 4,000 milliampere hour batteries Do not exist in North American phones Like we've seen 10,000 or 20,000 milliampere hour batteries from super-thick phones in Asia, but in a North American phone that's pretty impressive

The other thing I thought was interesting about this phone was the new DeX so Samsung has had this thing for a couple years now where you can plug up your phone to a dock and then you can use it as a computer and I've always thought it was kind of useless because you need a proprietary dock for it and it just Didn't really make sense from a usability standpoint But this new version allows you to stick a USB-C cable directly into the phone and that'll pipe DeX onto that screen granted This is with a USB-C enabled monitor But if you don't have one you can still use a USB-C to HDMI adapter And then you can do the same kind of thing. Now, in terms of the actual usability and practicality of DeX It's a lot better now because of a single cable But I still don't find it a compelling thing for most people to use. The idea is really cool I gotta admit that but, I mean if you have access to a note you probably have access to a laptop or some other computing device where you can do the Same kind of thing It's neat. I'll give it that okay This thing supposedly has a new thermal system they're calling it "Water carbon cooling" which honestly sounds really gimmicky to me I ran some quick test between the S9 plus and the Note 9 Just off of 3D Mark. And if this new water carbon thing is doing anything It's really slight like both systems seem to have pretty decent thermals, but maybe because of the fortnight exclusive of Samsung right now They're trying to play it up a bit Truthfully when I played Fortnite on this it doesn't feel that great Like there's something about the curvature on the phone that just makes it feel Different from what I'm used to I wasn't able to play fortnite on the Razer phone yet But just playing any game on the Razer phone, which is a dedicated gaming phone feels Significantly more comfortable and just more ergonomic. I don't know, but fortnight Android that's what people are here for nowadays Right. Ok, the other thing that they're showing off pretty heavily was this new pen So it now has bluetooth support you can charge it and you can use it as a remote to control Stuff on the phone like you can use it to control music to take pictures. It's cool It's just not something that I would use regularly on a daily basis It's also been upgraded with massive amounts of storage. You can get up to 512 gigs on this thing I don't know who's gonna be using that much but it is available if you want it.

Now as A whole I feel like this phone has had some very very like iterative and just small changes But when you take a step back and you look at what this phone is It is really the most powerful and feature-packed Android phone on the market right now and that you got to give Samsung credit for that the phone looks good The screen looks really good It's actually quite similar to the s9 plus screen in terms of just image quality and it's just a well rounded phone that unfortunately cost $1000 so this is where not that the phone like Falls apart or anything like but I just got a pic on that price tag a little bit I said this last year about the original thousand-dollar phone the note 8, but I got to say it again $1000 for any kind of phone right now is nuts you can get an S9 plus or a Note 8 which have very similar usability to the Note 9 for like 600 bucks maybe 500 if you go used a thousand for the Note 9 feels. It feels really steep But that says something about the phone industry right now right Like the fact that, the fact that Samsung is doing this much marketing and this much work To promote a phone that is a relatively minor and iterative change from the previous generation Like this is where we are right now. We have pretty stagnant Like we just that's what the phone industry is right now minor bumps for a huge huge increase in price So if you're someone that's guys price conscious or value conscience, then I would skip this phone. It's a great phone It's the best Android phone you can get on the market right now in terms of like features and stuff But I would still skip it just because of the price I think next year when the S 10 launches in the spring That's gonna be a big bump in tech like maybe fingerprint readers built into the screen lots of more innovative stuff we're just seemingly innovative stuff this There's no innovation but it's still the best you can get right now. 

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